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The power of custom lapel pins

October 13, 2023

Why Lapel Pins?

Every successful product launch has benefitted from product branding materials that helped to grow visibility and recognition—from automobiles to beverages to luxury resort hotels. Lapel pins not only offer a way to introduce your new product at conferences, meetings, tradeshows, and conventions, but they also provide a way for you to increase word-of-mouth advertising and allow your customers to begin associating your new product with excellence and value.

University pins and college pins are a whole institution unto themselves. Almost every part of academic life is represented by and commemorated by custom lapel pins. All of them celebrate the privileged and responsibility of academic life, with a dash of fun, camaraderie and fraternity.

Custom trading pins help players young and old meet each other, show team pride and team spirit at all kinds of sporting events. Trading pins are the single most collected lapel pin.

Advocacy and awareness group members enjoy being able to show support for their cause and the issues that concern them most. If you been on an awareness walk, attended a fundraiser, or event you have surely seen someone wearing a lapel pin bearing the name of their awareness cause.

And now…even HOLLYWOOD is catching on to THE POWER OF THE CUSTOM LAPEL PIN!!
The new Disney film TOMORROWLAND starts with young Frank Walker entering his homemade jet pack into an inventors contest at the World’s Fair. The pompous judge is unimpressed with an invention that doesn’t quite work, but his companion Athena , sees something in Frank, and slips him a mysterious pin with a stylized “T” and encourages him to follow her onto the It’s a Small World ride. Turns out that the ride is a secret portal to a future world called Tomorrowland, where the sky is full of flying cars, robots do all the tedious work, everyone’s happy and healthy and the only limits on what can be created are the imagination of the creators.

The movie then jumps forward fifty years as nerdy teen Casey is trying to sabotage a rocket launch pad to prevent her father from dismantling the pad: when he’s done, he’s out of a job. She’s dreamt of space since she was very young, and if she has to break the law to keep her father employed by NASA, that’s what she’ll do. She unexpectedly finds a Tomorrowland pin among her own things and when she touches it, she’s instantly transported to the future city of Tomorrowland, though her physical presence is still in the present. She, too, meets Athena and learns that those Tomorrowland pins are hugely valuable, particularly to mysterious bad guys who seek them at all cost.

And THAT’s why Lapel Pins!!

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