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Your School or University has an identity—one that is evidenced by the symbols or emblems that are worn by members at events, gatherings, or celebrations. Some of these are worn to identify members. Some are worn to commemorate an event. Others represent membership in a specific club, fraternity, sorority, etc. More often than not, these proud symbols are worn in the form of a lapel pin. With a school or university custom lapel pin, you can say so much and promote pride and recognition of the school brand.

Custom lapel pins for schools and universities have been around for almost as long as the institutions themselves Lapel pins help identify members, especially at events where numerous members are gathering. As a school or university, a custom lapel pin is a great way to provide identity to your school, membership in clubs, teams or department, or to use as reward for achievement.

Custom lapel pins are used by a wide variety of school and university faculty, staff and student body members:

• Administration
• Sororities and fraternities
• Athletic groups and sport clubs
• Academic clubs
• Teachers and professors
• Student council members
• Organizers of school events

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