The standard is called a butterfly Clutch or military Clutch. You push them on and simply the tabs together to remove them. They are the standard attachment included with each individual lapel Pin.


A rubber clutch can also be substituted at no extra cost. Rubber clutches hold better so they are harder to remove. When used on a hat, for example, they won’t poke you as much as metal.


For a more elegant way to clip on a pin or for use as a pin to hold a neck tie together, we offer the tie tack clutch. These “clutches” are spring loaded, hold pins better than butterfly clutches and are considered “Top End”. When the pin is pushed on, it stays on. To remove it, simply lift up the top and the lapel pin slips off. A flat top allows for more comfort against the body.


This option functions exactly like its flat top cousin. It also offers a design alternative and the option to add a small chain and bar for use as a traditional tie tack. It is just as secure and easy to remove. Some clients prefer the classic look of the ball shaped top.


Safety pins are a good way to hold larger lapel pins and serve to keep regular sized lapel pins from spinning or tilting off center. They are especially well suited for heavier fabrics or very wide pins.


For those who prefer not to put a “pin” through their clothing, a magnet can be used. Your clothing is never damaged. Nothing is simpler for attaching a lapel pin to your clothing than a magnet. Just hold the pin wherever you want it and place the magnetic disk behind the fabric. They are very secure and very easy to remove.


Occasionally a lapel pin is not used as a pin at all. When is it used as a medallion and needs to be attached to an object, “nail” is left off and an adhesive backing is applied. Simply peel off the paper and stick it to a hard and non-porous surface and it will stay on. This attachment alternative is designed for permanent placement.


Many times 2 clutches are used for wide or large lapel pins. They help keep pins straight or offer a more secure placement. Butterfly clutches can be more easily removed and are better for use when the lapel pin is regularly moved.


Another option for a 2 clutch application is a rubber clutch. They are more secure than the metal types so they are often used for large trading pins which are attached to sports bags, etc.

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