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People come together for support and a sense of community when faced with serious illnesses or events.    No one wants to be a victim.  There is a need to spread awareness and understanding about important issues to encourage others to show their support and make change. Awareness education has become a way of life in America.  The symbols of these cause become very recognizable and play a big part in keeping important causes in the public eye.

Group members enjoy being able to show support for the issues that concern them most.  They want other people to care as deeply as they do.  If you have been on a race for the cure walk or attended a fundraiser,  you have surely seen someone wearing a ribbon pin, rubber bracelet, or some other item.  This is very important in bringing continued attention and awareness to a cause or event.  Custom lapel pins are a very personal way to get your message out in the community.  They are walking advertisements and are subtle reminders of who is affected.


Our trained specialists are happy to help you create custom lapel pins and other promotional products. We want to help you make a statement at your next charity event.  We excel in providing you with the tools you need to get the support to be able educate, uplift and inspire in the name of a loved one and the cause closest to your heart.

We do this because we are more than just pin makers:  we are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters who have all been affected by illnesses in our own families.  Some of the causes that have affected our lives include, prostate cancerheart diseasediabetesdepression and many more.

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