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People come together for support and a sense of community when faced with serious illnesses or events.    No one wants to be a victim.  There is a need to spread awareness and understanding about important issues to encourage others to show their support and make change. Awareness education has become a way of life in America.  The symbols of these cause become very recognizable and play a big part in keeping important causes in the public eye.

Group members enjoy being able to show support for the issues that concern them most.  They want other people to care as deeply as they do.  If you have been on a race for the cure walk or attended a fundraiser,  you have surely seen someone wearing a ribbon pin, rubber bracelet, or some other item.  This is very important in bringing continued attention and awareness to a cause or event.  Custom lapel pins are a very personal way to get your message out in the community.  They are walking advertisements and are subtle reminders of who is affected.


Our trained specialists are happy to help you create custom lapel pins and other promotional products. We want to help you make a statement at your next charity event.  We excel in providing you with the tools you need to get the support to be able educate, uplift and inspire in the name of a loved one and the cause closest to your heart.

We do this because we are more than just pin makers:  we are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters who have all been affected by illnesses in our own families.  Some of the causes that have affected our lives include, prostate cancerheart diseasediabetesdepression and many more.

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Ordering Awareness Lapel Pins For Your Cause

Awareness lapel pins are something that you see politicians wearing every day to show that they are forward-thinking, but they’re not just for politicians. Lapel pins can be used to raise awareness for all types of causes and organizations.

Ensure that you have all the pins you need to hand out to your staff or to your patrons. Awareness lapel pins can become a great way to raise employee morale. But beyond that, these high quality and highly collectible lapel pins could be your best marketing choice.

What Are Awareness Lapel Pins?

Awareness lapel pins are a very good thing to hand out that will show what your cause is about, what your association is, and to commemorate special events.

If you have a big event every year, you can put the date of the event on the pins. You could put your slogan on the pin because the pin allows you market your cause to people who see these pins every day.

What Are Association Lapel Pins?

Association lapel pins could be something that you use as part of raising awareness for your cause. Whether people are members of your association or they are donors, awareness lapel pins can reward them for their support and make them proud to be a part of your organization. Some ideas:

  • Someone who has reached a certain level of giving should get a special pin.
  • People who have been with your cause for a long time should be given an emeritus pin so that they can show they have been around for many years.
  • Special events such as annual dinners.

Everyone who is a part of your association or supports your cause should have a pin that they can wear on their jacket, on their shirt, or even on the strap for their bag. Our easy design and ordering process ensures that you can provide your people with pins that they can use every day, and you can also order more pins than you need so you’ll have extra pins on hand to give out at any time.

For corporate use, these awareness pins provide you with a simple marketing item that is very easy to give to people in the community. Enamel pin collecting is a big hobby these days, so it’s a great marketing tool! You might find people proudly wearing your pins as part of their pin collection on their jacket or bag strap, and it could give you some publicity that you would not have gotten otherwise (not to mention some coolness points).

How Long Do These Pins Last?

Our awareness pins are built to last for a long time because it is made from quality metal and enamel.

You also have options when it comes to the pinbacks on your customer lapel pins. The back of the pin should be either a locking metal pin or a rubber pinback that will slide all the way on without pulling off. If you’re not sure which options to choose, our pin designers will be happy to help.

What Colors Can You Choose?

You can choose any color that you like, and you will find that the colors will remain true because they are covered with the enamel. You can get large pins that make the colors easier to see, or smaller pins that go well on suit lapels. If you are not sure what you are looking for, you should ask your designer to show you a few designs that you can choose from.

The awareness pins that you have purchased can be used for your staff, and they can be used to give to the public so that more people will see marketing for your cause. If you are trying to honor the people that work for your organization, you can create association pins that will include the emeritus pin, the donor pin, and the volunteer pin. This is a very simple marketing item to buy, and you can have as many of these pins made at once because they are so inexpensive and easy to deliver. Contact us today for a free quote!


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