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Nothing shows support for fundraising and awareness efforts than a custom lapel pin

October 13, 2023

Planning a successful fundraising or advocacy event or awareness effort is a huge responsibility. There’s so much to do—so many details to attend to! You have to reserve a space, contact vendors, coordinate volunteers, make about a million phone calls and send even more emails, and so on. And then beyond all that, there’s also the issue of getting people to the event, with the end goal of keeping them passionate about whatever it is you’re passionate about after the fact.

What we’re talking about with that last point is, on a fundamental level, marketing. While on some level it may feel weird to think about “marketing” when trying to raise awareness for something like breast cancer, world hunger, animal rights, or an issue affecting your local church or community… but marketing can actually be an effective way to further your message. The more people who know about your effort, the more minds you can change; the more people are affected by your message, after all.

When it comes to marketing, event planners like you have a lot to choose from. You can use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, or you can do a more traditional campaign like direct mailing or emailing. We also suggest you consider ordering some custom lapel pins for your fundraising or awareness efforts.

We know what you’re thinking—lapel pins? Do people even wear lapel pins anymore? The answer is yes (though not always on the lapel). Look around any busy coffee shop, classroom, grocery store, or church and you’ll see pins adorning all kinds of clothing, from jackets to backpacks to handbags.

Custom awareness pins are a great idea when it comes to promoting your message. When you order custom lapel pins for your fundraising effort, you can distribute them among your volunteers to build a sense of community and identity. You can also throw them in the “goodie bags” or “swag bags” that people have come to expect from that kind of event. Gifts like lapel pins make people feel valued for attending your event—and if you have an attractive or intriguing logo, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Interesting lapel pins are wonderful conversation starters. Just imagine in the weeks following your event, tens, hundreds, or thousands of people wearing your pin out into the world. People at their workplaces or within their social group will likely ask what that cool pin is, and when your attendee answers, well, you just managed to promote your group beyond someone who was interested enough to come to your event.

Ordering custom lapel pins is a great idea for any of the following events:

• Academic or Social Club Fundraising
• Animal Rights Advocacy
• Church Fundraisers
• Green Initiatives
• High School Bands or Choirs
• Junior or Varsity Sports Team Awareness Events
• Non-Profit Fundraisers
• Political Campaigns
• Reunions (of all types)
• School Fundraisers
• Social Awareness Campaigns

With something as simple as ordering a custom lapel pin with your organization’s logo or message, you can build community among your volunteers and intrigue outsiders. It’s a fantastic idea for any event planner hoping to add a bit of flair to their gathering.

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