Special Ways to Present and Package Your Custom Lapel Pins!

There are many excellent options for packing and displaying your Custom Pins. Available at many different price points, each one serves a unique purpose. From Presentations cards to plastic Jewelry Boxes to plush Velvet Pouches, we offer a wide variety of choices and easy explanations of when they are appropriate to use. The price always includes the pin placed inside.

The Perfect Pin Packaging For Every Occasion

Pin packaging is very important for several reasons. First of all, you need a way to store the pins safely. Special cards and folders that you can ship the pins in are a great idea if you’ll be mailing the pins to recipients. And finally, if you’ll be presenting your custom lapel pins to special employees or donors your organization wants to honor, you’ll need eye-catching packaging to help you make the best possible impression. Whether you choose ziploc bags in just the right size, specially designed presentation cards, or elegant cleartop or velvet jewelry boxes, we make it very simple for you to get the right pin packaging when you are ready to hand out your pins to customers, executives, or members of the staff.

Folders And Cards

The folders and cards that you are using should be large enough for each pin, and you might want to get a folder that will cover the pin until it has been opened. The pins could be placed in a box, and you could also choose a container that could be used for storage when the pins are not being worn. We can design custom lapel pins in many styles and sizes, but we can also help you find the exact packaging that fits your pin. Some pins are harder to manage because they do not fit these cards very well, and you also need to remember that the pins should be delivered on a card that will be easy to read and understand. You can use the pins that are made with special cards that have a certain design complete with the message you want to send to the recipients, or you could choose cards with a blank area to write personal messages to the people that are a part of your company or have made a big impact on your cause. Together with our beautiful custom lapel pins, the packaging can also make an impression on people when you give them to them.

Plastic Lapel Pin Packaging

You can get plastic packaging that is best for you, and you will notice that you could get something that will hold all the pins to ensure that they can be delivered easily. The plastic that you are using for storage will make it easy for you to manage your promotions and keep your pins in the best possible condition. Be sure to ask your designer to help you choose the right packaging for the types of products that you have ordered. The pins that you have ordered should be placed in packaging that will make them very easy to take care of and impressive when presented. Contact us today to discuss your custom lapel pin packaging options. We are here to help you choose the one best suited for your individual needs. Simply call us toll free for more information.

Individual Ziplock Bag

Our standard packaging is for your Lapel pin is an individual, small Zip Lock bag. In this way, they are protected from scratching each other and are kept clean and highly polished. They are clear and are excellent for distribution and storage of your Custom Pin.

Presentation Card

First introduced by Custom Pins, at the turn of the century, we are the innovators of this very affordable and highly functional packaging option. Your Custom Lapel Pin is attached to a Custom Printed Full Color Business sized card and inserted in a re-sealable clear sleeve. The card features a semi-gloss finish where your Mission Statement, Marketing Message, Unique Logo or Special Offer are communicated to your audience using a full 4 color print. The impact of combining your Custom Lapel Pin with a custom designed presentation card is immeasurable. Please call us to learn more about how they can help you reach your lapel Pin objectives.

Cleartop Jewelry Box

This is the most affordable “box” available and adds a distinctive touch of class to the presentation of your pins. Available is a wide range of sizes, they are usually hinged with clear tops and black bottoms so the Custom Pins can be seen clearly. Delivered in a thin cardboard sleeve, the plastic is protected from damage during shipment and storage.

Velvet Jewelry Box

A plush Velvet Jewelry box is an elegant and classic way to present your Custom Pins to your audience. Exactly the same as used for expensive jewelry, these boxes protect and cradle your pins and enhance their appearance. The element of mystery before the hinged box is opened is always exciting. Each velvet box is shipped in a thin cardboard sleeve to protect it.

Velvet Pouch

A soft and formal velvet pouch is an excellent way to pack a special Custom Lapel Pin and can be re-used to hold a variety of small and precious items. They are the best of the best of packaging options. They are available in a wide range of colors

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