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Virtual AI Art and Design for Custom Products

December 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence is transforming just about everything that people do, including creating art and handling design tasks. People of all ages can take advantage of the benefits of AI, from working adults to children. AI allows businesses to create products that perfectly match what they or their customers want, from promotional flyers and custom pins to artwork to be used on T-shirts and coffee mugs. Kids can also experiment with and learn from AI art and design tools, using them to spark their creativity and turn whatever they can imagine into a visible form. AI in art and design isn't just changing the game; it's redefining it for both adults and kids.

AI Art and Design Generators

  • Craiyon: Create an artistic image or one that looks more like a drawing or a photograph using this tool, which creates multiple designs at once.
  • Artbreeder Director: Talk to this chatbot and it will generate any type of drawing you want.
  • DeepAI Imagine Generator: This simple, free tool lets you type in a text prompt and choose an art style to create your new art.
  • Logo Maker: If your business needs a new logo, try this easy tool to create a variety of designs.
  • Deep Dream Generator: Describe what you want to see and this AI tool will attempt to create it.
  • Shap-E: Turn text or a 2D image into a 3D rendering with this AI design tool.
  • Prodia: Choose from a variety of AI models to create an image from your text prompt.
  • Hotpot Art Generator: This tool includes an option to tell it what to exclude from your image before it's generated.
  • AI Product Photos: Use this AI tool to make a basic photo of your product really stand out.
  • Product Design Generator: Explain the concept for your product and watch it take shape with this tool.

AI Art and Design Games

  • Quick, Draw! Draw a doodle and see if the AI can guess what you're drawing. As you play, you're actually training the AI so it can get better!
  • Odd One Out: Can you tell which image is the AI-generated one out of a set of four?
  • Impromptu: You'll need a few friends to play this game, in which you try to guess the prompt behind an AI-created image.
  • Iconuary: If you feel like playing Pictionary but don't have a bunch of friends around to play with, try this version, in which either you or the AI can be the artist or the guesser.
  • Smug Chicken: Can you guess the prompt that created a piece of art or a haiku made by AI?
  • Doodlocracy Daily: Examine the four images and the prompts below them. Then, try to decide which prompt inspired the doodle that all four AI-generated images were based on.
  • ArtBot: This game digs into how AI learns by having players train their own AI to solve art thefts.
  • You Against the Machine: Spot the AI: In each pair of images, one was created by AI. Can you tell which one it is?
  • Silk: Collaborate with a computer to create a unique work of art by clicking and dragging with your mouse.
  • World Draw: This is a collaborative art project that involves people all over the world! Draw an object and the AI turns it into a 3D model and adds it to the canvas.

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