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Online Games to Practice Counting Coins and Paper Money

February 5, 2024

One of the things you need to learn before you're an adult is how to recognize and count money. Money comes in different forms, and each type of coin or paper bill is worth a different amount of money. You'll need to know how much money is worth and get good at adding and subtracting amounts of money if you want to be able to live on your own someday. Grownups use money math every day, adding up how much it costs to buy everything on their shopping list, figuring out how much cash they have in their wallet, and then doing the math so that they know whether or not they have enough money to buy what they need.

Learning about math can be boring sometimes, but money math can actually be fun. There are all sorts of games and activities you can use to get better at knowing which coins and bills are worth how much money, being able to count up how much money you have, and understanding how to make change when someone makes a purchase. Playing games you find online to learn about money math is a great way to spend an afternoon and can even help you do better in school.

Change Maker

Pick a difficulty level and the country you're in, then see if you can make change for all of your customers' purchases.

Counting Money Game

In this game, you need to look at the bills and coins and count up how much money is shown.

Break the Bank Sorting

Crack open the piggy bank, then sort the money inside by its value. This game can help you remember how much different bills and coins are worth.

G.W. Quarter's Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve these money-themed puzzles to help you recognize the different types of money.

Grocery Cashier

Could you be a cashier at a grocery store? Add up the amounts that different items cost in this game, then take the customer's money and give them the right change.

Coconut Ordering

Choose the "Prices" option, pick the types of challenges you want to try, and then see if you can put all of the amounts in order from smallest to largest.

Coins for Candy

Count out the amount of money you need to buy the candy to win this game.

Coin Search

This game combines money math with how you'd normally do a word search puzzle. Connect the coins to make the right amounts!

Equivalent Coins

Practice remembering how much coins are worth and practice your multiplication at the same time by playing this game that asks you to balance the math equations.

Lemonade Stand

Being able to count money and make change are really important skills to have if you want to run a business. This game lets you take over a lemonade stand; can you balance everything out so that you earn more than you spend?

Sales Tax Game

When you buy things, you don't just have to pay how much each thing costs. Often, you have to pay tax, too. Practice doing money math that includes sales tax by playing this game.

Cyberchase: Mission Motherboard

Earn, save, and spend money wisely to buy the parts you need to defeat the evil microbots!

Super Grocery Shopper

Pay close attention to the money you have, the amount that everything costs, and the nutritional value of each item as you do your grocery shopping. Your mission is to eat enough healthy food without running out of money.

Count Money

How much money do you have? Count up the bills and coins shown to find out.

Do You Have Enough Money?

In this game, you need to count your money, look at the price of the item, and decide whether you can afford to buy it or not.

Coin Toss

This offline game lets you practice recognizing and adding up the values of different coins while throwing them across the room and trying to hit a target.

Money Graphs

Making graphs is something you'll need to be able to do in math class, and it's also a good way to sort and keep track of things, including coins.

Money Tic-Tac-Toe

These tic-tac-toe boards can put a money-based twist on a familiar game. Solve the problems as you play to learn and win.

Dolphin Feed

Guide your dolphin to the coins and bills that make up the amount you need in this game.

Counting Coins

Add up the amount of money you see to earn points in this game.

Money Game

Drop the bills and coins into the box to match the amount shown.

Counting Money Game

Choose a level of difficulty and then see if you can put the right amounts in the box to earn toys.

Airplane Coin Values

Fly the plane into the clouds with the right answers to win.

Pocket Change

Add up the right amounts before the timer runs out!

Counting Like Coins

Practice counting different amounts of different types of coins with this game.

Money Master

How fast can you count out each amount of money?

Dolphin Dash

Add up the right amounts fast to help your dolphin surge to the head of the pack and win the race!

Pay for It

This game has two modes: You can either add up the amount you need to pay for each item or add up the amount of change that the cashier should give back.

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