Stamped Soft Enamel

Stamped Soft Enamel  is the most popular custom lapel pin process as is it lends itself to almost any type of design or use.

This is a perfect pin type for any Group, Club, Association, Charity (raise money through selling; recognition pins for donors), Sports Team (excellent for trading pins in any sport or even) or Corporation wanting to convey a message, advertise a brand, enhance a product release or as a recognition gift.

They can be designed to be formal looking reproductions of a Corporate LogoCorporate Brand or simply fun looking. Stamped Soft Enamel pins are the most economical pin available with enamel colors and real metal plating. They also serve well as a substitute for the more expensive Century Hard Enamel ® pin, especially if a thin coat of epoxy is used, a process we refer to as Century Soft Enamel®.

We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; customized printed presentation cardsor plastic jewelry cases to further enhance the value of your pin.

Creating your custom lapel pin start when your design is first stamped into metal; it will have raised and recessed areas. Then enamel colors are added to fill the recessed areas. These colors only fill each recessed area part of the way to the top, creating some depth and dimension to the face of the pin.

The colors available are solid and are matching to any Pantone Matching System (PMS Code). The raised areas not only “contain” the colors from running together during firing, but are plated with precious metal (gold, nickel, silver), and then polished. Custom lapel pin shapes are also available at no extra charge.

It is less expensive than Century Hard Enamel® and has a depth and dimension not seen in the any other pin with colors. It can have a more playful, fun look where formality it not necessarily needed or budgets are limited. It is as durable as hard enamel, but has a more colorful appearance because of the depth of the recessed colors. Since the colors remain recessed and the pin shows a bit of depth and dimension. The shape and design of the lapel pin is customized so it is appropriate for its specific use.

Please visit our full gallery of Stamped Soft Enamel custom lapel pins to see how these pins can be used by CorporationsAssociationsSchools, Military & First RespondersReligiousSports Teams & more.


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