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Printed custom lapel pins have many applications and are best choice for customers that require exact duplicates of the their logos. They are generally lighter and always have a thin epoxy coating on them. In larger quantities, they are the least expensive and most adaptable custom lapel pin type available. It is an appropriate process for custom lapel pins, key chainsearrings, cufflinks, charms, pendants, challenge coinsmedals, and any other custom lapel pin accessory.

We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; customized printed presentation cards; or plastic jewelry cases to further enhance the value of your pin.

This pin type must be used when a design or logo, has shades of color or has different colors touching each other. Since it is a 4 color printed pin process, it replicates exactly the source it is taken from  It is often made from a hi-resolution image file. We can print these lapel pins from JPGs, GIFs, TIFFs, PNGs, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or any graphics based file. Usually images taken from a web site do not have enough detail to print clearly.  Creating a design using the printing process ensures that the colors are accurate,  and the detail is excellent in smaller sizes than in other pin types. For larger sizes, they are also lighter, so the bigger pins are easier to wear on a lapel. Often, sports leagues, Destination Imagination, Odyssey of the Mind and other competitions feature printed custom lapel pins.

The base metal is usually Stainless Steel or Brass. These base metals can show through within a pin design to show a silver tone (Stainless) or a gold tone (Brass). Precious metal plating can also be used to create a more substantial feeling pin and to show a real silver or gold border. Glitter colors can be added, as well as a host of special attachments like blinkers, sliders, bobbles, etc.

Since this is not a stamped pin, there is no depth. A printed pin is coated, for protection, with a thin coat (always our recommendation) or with a dome of epoxy. Our full color offset printed pins do not use paper glued to the base they are printed directly onto the chosen metal base and will not separate. Photo Dome pins are often printed on stickers and covered with a dome of epoxy.

Silk Screen pins are made using one screen for each color. The difference is that silk screens cannot duplicate shades of color. The only way to do that in a lapel pin or any accessory is with full color offset printing.  Any Offset Printed Lapel Pin can be made with a Custom Shape at no extra cost.

Please visit our full gallery of Printed custom lapel pins to see how these pins can be used by CorporationsAssociationsSchoolsFirst RespondersReligiousSports Teams & more.


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