Die Struck

A Die Struck custom lapel pin is made without enamel or printed colors, with only metal plating (gold, silver, and nickel). This lapel pin type resembles fine jewelry and is elegant while being straightforward. It works well for original logos without color as well as turning a full color logo into a sophisticated piece of emblematic jewelry. Different plating types can be mixed (using the same mold) to represent levels of achievement, recognition or as rewards, in corporations, associations or any other group. They can be any shape. It is an appropriate process for custom lapel pins,Key ChainsEarrings, Cufflinks, Charms, PendantsChallenge CoinsMedals, and any other custom stamped metal product.

We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; customized printed presentation cards; or plastic jewelry cases to further enhance the value of your pin.

It is a perfect lapel pin type for designs that do not need enamel colors. It is a stamped pin, meaning the design is “pressed” into a metal base. This results in raised and recessed areas. The entire lapel pin is then plated and the raised areas are highly polished while the recessed areas are treated with a textured or matte finish to produce excellent contrast with the raised design.

In a die struck stamped pin the look can be as formal, causal or simple and elegant. They are easy to wear and easy to see. Quarters, tokens, etc. are examples of the die struck process. If a logo works well in an all metal look, this product can be less expensive, yet very sophisticated. Custom shapes are also available at no extra charge. Epoxy is not used on this type of pin.

Please visit our full gallery of Die Struck custom lapel pins to see how these pins can be used by CorporationsAssociationsSchools, First RespondersReligiousSports Teams & more.


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