Die Cast

Die Cast Custom Lapel pins almost always feature a real 3D look. They are most appropriate when the custom pin design requires more than a simple 2 level stamped process would be able to show. Die Cast pin molds are made by hand and are used to display a real-life look. They work especially well with statues, animals and religious icons where a 3D look is needed. It is an appropriate process for custom lapel pins, Key ChainsEarrings, Cufflinks, Charms, PendantsChallenge CoinsMedals, and any custom stamped metal product.

We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; customized printed presentation cards; or plastic jewelry cases to further enhance the value of your pin.

This pin type is generally made without enamel colors. Often just metal plating (gold, silver, and nickel) is used. Antique Finishes are also available. As Die Cast pins are made using a spin casting machine, we are able to offer pins that have real 3D dimensions. The pins are flat on the back, but the depth and the content of the front and sides allow us to make very different looking lapel pins. Sometimes a design is set up in such a way as to have spots where soft enamel colors could be added. Die Casting is a flexible process that can reproduce a beautiful image into a 3D Custom Pin. For example, a simple spoon would look very flat if it was just made as a stamped pin. Die Casting allows for rounded shapes that are more realistic looking. Epoxy is never used here

Whether or not enamel color is used, precious metal plating (Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, etc.) can always be mixed (within one design) to allow for different levels of achievement.
As pin volume increases, Die Cast pins become more economical and offer a great value between price and look.

Please visit our full gallery of Die Cast custom lapel pins to see how these pins can be used by CorporationsAssociationsSchoolsFirst RespondersReligiousSports Teams & more.


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