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In business, they say that strong connections lead to increased loyalty.  That also leads to positive word-of-mouth advertising.  As a part of your business marketing strategy, a custom lapel pin can make that happen for your company.  Custom Pins Inc can help your company craft a picture-perfect representation of your corporate logo for lapel pins!

The benefits of a custom lapel pin designed with your business or company logo are numerous.  Lapel pins help to identify your employees and your company at conferences, meetings and conventions.  Lapel pins also provide brand visibility, which allows your clients to associate your company with your specific product.  This can play a significant role in the long-term success of a business.

Corporate branding initiatives can take your business to the next level.  Brand identity specialists agree that visibility is crucial.    Every successful product launch has benefited from product branding materials that helped grow visibility and recognition.

As part of an employee recognition program, a custom lapel pin can signify a variety of achievements.  As a reward they are great for sales team members or product development teams!  They can also be used to signify the successful completion of a training program

REMEMBER!  A custom-crafted lapel pin puts your company’s logo with a person, linking the two together.  It’s a benefit to the company and to the employee.

Not sure where to begin choosing a lapel pin for your business or company? Custom Pins has been in the lapel pin business since 1998, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses and companies craft beautiful, timeless pins that benefit their branding initiatives and much, much more.

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What Can Corporate Lapel Pins Do for Your Business?

Corporate lapel pins are a good thing to hand out to your staff because that makes it easy for your executives to look good in public. Also, these corporate lapel pins might note a partnership with a charity, a special event, or a program that is coming up. If your company does something special every year, you might put this event on your lapel pin. You need to create a pin that is beautiful, and you should make one that is easy to read. You do not want people to wonder what your pins say when your executives walk by, and you do not want to give away a pin that people will feel uncomfortable wearing.

Wide Selection of Colors and Styles

Corporate lapel pins should be made with colors that are easy to see. You do not want to make something that is too subtle, and you also do not want to use colors that might clash with your logo colors. You could include the colors from your partner companies, and you could use the colors from a logo of an event that your company sponsors.

Lapel Pins for Raising Awareness

Corporate lapel pins are used to raise awareness for the causes that you believe in or to motivate your staff members. With the many options we have available, you can design custo lapel pins that your staff will want to put on even when they are not at work!

Corporate lapel pins are easy to wear, and they could become a collector’s item (just think of the famous Heinz pickle pins!). Giving away these pins allows the public to learn about what your company believes in, or can increase awareness about your product and brand loyalty.

Easy Way to Express Your Corporate Values and Partnerships

Corporate lapel pins are something that people expect to see executives wearing. Plus, you will find that you need to have multiple pins if your company has multiple partners. You could replace the American flag pin with the corporate pins that talk about a cause, or you could make corporate lapel pins that denote the position of the wearer.

Lapel Pins for the Board Of Directors

When you are giving out pins to your staff, you should give a lapel pin to every member of your board of directors. The board of directors has several officers, and you can give one of these pins to each member of that group. Your traditional board members can wear a simple board pin, and the at-large members can wear an at-large pin. These are fun pins for people to wear to stockholder meetings, and it is very easy for people to see who is who when you are at these meetings.

The Emeritus Pin for Retired Employees

The emeritus pin that you give out to all people who have retired from your company will allow them to wear the pin with pride every day, honoring their many years of service. This is a nice thing to do for people who were loyal to your company, and it gives former employees a way to show their pride in a job well done at a company worth working for.

What else can you do with corporate lapel pins? Those who collect them but don’t want to wear them can still proudly display their lapel pin collection by tacking them to a cork board at their desk, or can keep lapel pins in their office in order to put them on when attending special meetings. We also carry a variety of custom logo accessories, such as keychains, bookmarks, tie bars, earrings and more. You’ll be amazed at the many ways we give you to show off your corporate logo!

Whether you want to have custom corporate logo lapel pins to give to your staff, or for when you want to give the public something that they can wear to show their appreciation and support for your business or organization and all it stands for, we have plenty of styles and options to choose from.

With vibrant, beautiful colors and quality construction, our lapel pins are beautiful and long-lasting. Plus, with our easy ordering process and competitive pricing, you can make different pins for different occasions, promotions and trends. Request your free quote for corporate lapel pins today!

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