In business, they say that strong connections lead to increased loyalty.  That also leads to positive word-of-mouth advertising.  As a part of your business marketing strategy, a custom lapel pin can make that happen for your company.  Custom Pins Inc can help your company craft a picture-perfect representation of your corporate logo for lapel pins!

The benefits of a custom lapel pin designed with your business or company logo are numerous.  Lapel pins help to identify your employees and your company at conferences, meetings and conventions.  Lapel pins also provide brand visibility, which allows your clients to associate your company with your specific product.  This can play a significant role in the long-term success of a business.

Corporate branding initiatives can take your business to the next level.  Brand identity specialists agree that visibility is crucial.    Every successful product launch has benefited from product branding materials that helped grow visibility and recognition.

As part of an employee recognition program, a custom lapel pin can signify a variety of achievements.  As a reward they are great for sales team members or product development teams!  They can also be used to signify the successful completion of a training program

REMEMBER!  A custom-crafted lapel pin puts your company’s logo with a person, linking the two together.  It’s a benefit to the company and to the employee.

Not sure where to begin choosing a lapel pin for your business or company? Custom Pins has been in the lapel pin business since 1998, and we’ve helped thousands of businesses and companies craft beautiful, timeless pins that benefit their branding initiatives and much, much more.

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