Pin Categories

Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different clubs and organizations. These pins are often collected by members and non-members alike.  Pins are also  a great way for both small and large businesses, to award employees and promote brand awareness.  They make a great fund-raising tool, spread school spirit, and are a personal, wearable, extension of what is important to you.

– A custom-crafted lapel pin puts your company’s logo with a person, linking the two together.  It’s a benefit to the company and to the employee.

-Custom lapel pins are a very personal way to get your message out in the community.  They are walking, wearable advertisements and are subtle reminders to raise awareness, show support and fund raise.

-As a school or university, a custom lapel pin is a great way to provide identity to your school, membership in clubs, teams or department, or to use as reward for achievement.

-Lapel pins for Churches and Religious organizations allow members to share a personal history and helps foster a sense of pride.

-Personal mementos make wonderful keepsakes.  Lapel pins are a great way to show support for the men & women who so bravely serve our country in the Military and our communities as First Responders

-It is very common to see doctors, nurses, technicians, etc wearing lapel pins proudly on lanyards, scrubs, and suit jacket lapels