Pin Categories

Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different clubs and organizations. These pins are often collected by members and non-members alike.  Pins are also  a great way for both small and large businesses, to award employees and promote brand awareness.  They make a great fund-raising tool, spread school spirit, and are a personal, wearable, extension of what is important to you.

– A custom-crafted lapel pin puts your company’s logo with a person, linking the two together.  It’s a benefit to the company and to the employee.

-Custom lapel pins are a very personal way to get your message out in the community.  They are walking, wearable advertisements and are subtle reminders to raise awareness, show support and fund raise.

-As a school or university, a custom lapel pin is a great way to provide identity to your school, membership in clubs, teams or department, or to use as reward for achievement.

-Lapel pins for Churches and Religious organizations allow members to share a personal history and helps foster a sense of pride.

-Personal mementos make wonderful keepsakes.  Lapel pins are a great way to show support for the men & women who so bravely serve our country in the Military and our communities as First Responders

-It is very common to see doctors, nurses, technicians, etc wearing lapel pins proudly on lanyards, scrubs, and suit jacket lapels

Custom Pins And Their Many Styles

Custom pins are an excellent thing to give to people when you are selling merchandise or trying to build your brand awareness and brand loyalty. Collectible lapel pins are in high demand, and with our vibrant colors and high quality pins, you’ll find these custom pins to be a great source of brand exposure.

You can order custom pins for your staff to reward them for excellent service or to foster a sense of pride in their organization. You can also create pins for retail sales, or to give out as promotional items. There really are unlimited uses for our custom lapel pins, but we’ve organized them according to the following categories:

Corporate Lapel Pins

Whether it’s your corporate logo reproduced in brilliant colors, a tagline for your current promotion, or motivational lapel pins for use with your staff, our corporate lapel pins have a lot to offer.

Lapel Pins for Associations and Awareness

Everyone is familiar with the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, as well as other colors for different types of cancer. However, lapel pins can help spread awareness in many other areas as well. Whether you need lapel pins for associations and clubs such as 4-H or your local sports team, for events such as annual conventions, or for awareness about causes like animal rights, our products help you get your message out in a beautiful way.

Schools and Universities

Give your students, alumni and supporters a way to show their school pride with our lapel pins for schools and universities. You can have custom lapel pins made up with your mascot, logo pins for specific clubs and groups at your college, or your official school seal (a great item for alumni to wear in professional settings) — it’s up to you.

Religious Lapel Pins

Show your faith in a beautiful way with our religious lapel pins. Have your church or religious private school’s logo made into a beautiful pin for supporters to wear; choose a religious symbol that has special meaning for your congregants; or have pins made up for specific missions or events. We’re here to help you design pins that inspire.

Military & First Responders

Custom lapel pins for military personnel and first responders are a great way to honor and build camaraderie among the individuals who regularly place themselves in danger to protect or save others. If you want to show appreciation for these brave men and women, we have several great ideas to help you do so!

Medical Lapel Pins

Many doctors and nurses love to have custom medical lapel pins to display on their lanyard, scrubs or lab coat. You can design any kind of medical lapel pins you need, whether you want to honor your nurses, designate the kind of medicine your department or clinic specializes in, or show your support for EMS workers or volunteers who are ready to offer first aid at a moment’s notice.

The custom pins that we can create for your company can be produced quickly and affordably, with your choice of metal or pinback style. Contact us today for a free quote on custom lapel pins from any of our pin categories — or any design you can dream up!