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Posted July 26th 2019, in Custom Lapel Pins

A Guide to Branding a Business

Branding is an essential part of any business whether it is a startup, small or large, B2B or retail. Even though the term branding is often thrown around, many people starting a business for the first time have no idea what the term means. Many newly established businesses do not know how to go about marketing and effectively building their brand effectively. This affects the business adversely because it is not able to develop and grow as expected. In the end, the business does not succeed because it does not match the level of competitiveness with other like businesses that…

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Posted January 30th 2019, in Custom Lapel Pins

A Look at Iconic Company Logos

An effective logo has the ability to resonate with consumers and give your brand instant recognition. If you do it correctly, your logo is synonymous with your brand identity. The best logos not only give the brand an identity but also communicate what is most important to your company. Through the years, many companies have changed their logos, but logos like Nike’s swoosh and McDonald’s arches have remained the same so consumers can easily recognize them. When choosing the right logo design for your company, it is important to research effective logos so you will be able to design one…

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Posted April 6th 2015, in Custom Lapel Pins

Nothing Shows Support for Fundraising and Awareness Efforts than a Custom Lapel Pin

Planning a successful fundraising or advocacy event or awareness effort is a huge responsibility. There’s so much to do—so many details to attend to! You have to reserve a space, contact vendors, coordinate volunteers, make about a million phone calls and send even more emails, and so on. And then beyond all that, there’s also the issue of getting people to the event, with the end goal of keeping them passionate about whatever it is you’re passionate about after the fact. What we’re talking about with that last point is, on a fundamental level, marketing. While on some level it may feel weird…

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Posted April 6th 2015, in Branding / Recognition, Custom Lapel Pins

Does Your Business or Corporation Have a Custom Lapel Pin?

Let’s take a moment to visualize a scenario. You’ve sent a trusted employee to a convention or business luncheon. She’s doing an amazing job selling your product, or describing your services, or making connections with potential investors. She looks great—confident and smart in her power suit. She’s speaking eloquently. Then, the meeting comes to an end, hands are being shaken, promises made. Someone then asks your employee for her business card. She grimaces—she doesn’t have any to give. She scribbles down her contact information on a napkin or scrap of paper. Obviously this would leave any client, customer, or investor…

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Posted April 6th 2014, in Custom Lapel Pins

Key Chains are a Business Branding Tool you can Count on

The average person sees about 5,000 advertisements a day. Think about that for a moment—five thousand ads. Of course, that includes the tag on the back of your undershirt, the label on your orange juice, the sign outside of your usual coffee place, the logo on your laptop, and so on. But still, that’s one heck of a lot of advertisements! As a business owner, you know better than anyone how many brand name products people encounter these days; how many companies are actively advertising their goods and services. It’s been increasingly noted in advertising research that this abundance of…

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