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Posted April 6th 2015, in Branding / Recognition

Membership Has Its Privileges

While marks and identifiers for clubs have always been an important part of society-membership, did you know that what we think of as modern lapel pins were introduced during the American Civil War? That’s right—lapel pins were used to identify soldiers, allowing them to be distinguished among the various fighting units. It was an easy visual marker that helped people organize large groups of people during a confusing time. It also encouraged a sense of loyalty, pride, and community among soldiers in the same unit. During World War I, lapel pins also played an important role, but instead of being…

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Posted April 6th 2015, in Branding / Recognition, Custom Lapel Pins

Does Your Business or Corporation Have a Custom Lapel Pin?

Let’s take a moment to visualize a scenario. You’ve sent a trusted employee to a convention or business luncheon. She’s doing an amazing job selling your product, or describing your services, or making connections with potential investors. She looks great—confident and smart in her power suit. She’s speaking eloquently. Then, the meeting comes to an end, hands are being shaken, promises made. Someone then asks your employee for her business card. She grimaces—she doesn’t have any to give. She scribbles down her contact information on a napkin or scrap of paper. Obviously this would leave any client, customer, or investor…

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