Pin Processes

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Century Soft Enamel®

As an alternative to our Century Hard Enamel®/Imitation Cloisonné pin type we recommend Century Soft Enamel®  which is much less expensive and is still a high quality stamped metal pin. The Soft Enamel colors are recessed, but by using a thin coating of epoxy to smooth out its “face”, this process mimics the flush face look of a very expensive hard enamel-cloisonné pin.

In other words, they don’t fill the recessed areas caused by stamping the design into metal. The raised areas are plated and polished. Then the recessed colors are coated with a thin layer of epoxy, simulating the smooth finish of a Century Hard Enamel® pin. The result is a pin that looks very close, but with a shiny face. Like any stamped pin, the plating separates the colors, they are solid and can be matched to any Pantone color number.

It is an appropriate process for lapel pins, Key Chains, Earrings, Cufflinks, Charms, Pendants, Challenge Coins, Medals, and any other custom stamped metal product.

We’ll also gladly provide jewelry boxes; customized printed presentation cards; or plastic jewelry cases to further enhance the value of your pin.

Please visit our full gallery of Century Soft Enamel custom lapel pins to see how these pins can be used by Corporations, Associations, Schools, First Responders, Religious, Sports Teams & more.