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Adults and kids play in tournaments all over the country—from Cooperstown, NY to the Little League World Series to all over the west coast. Custom trading pins help players young and old meet each other, show team pride and team spirit at all kinds of sporting events. Trading pins are the single most collected lapel pin. The more these sport lapel pins are custom designed, the more attractive they are and the easier they can be traded!

At Custom Pins, one beautifully designed custom lapel pin can be often traded for two lapel pins from other teams. Players can readily keep one and re-trade the other! Custom Pins specializes in creating the most sought-after sports team trading pins at tournaments around the country, with fantastic designs and many pin type options (such as blinkers, spinners, glitter, and more). Whether your team plays baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, or even lacrosse, our custom sports trading pins stand out above the rest. Professional, collegiate, minor leagues, and little leagues—we do it all.  A multitude of pin types for every sport!

Want your sports trading pins to really pop? We offer many special trading pin options. Click here to visit our Special Trading Pin Options page and learn more about Spinners, Sliders, Danglers, Bobble Heads, Blinkers, and Glitter pins.

How many pins do you need? When it comes to ordering your sports trading pins, a good rule of thumb is to order 35-50 trading pins per player. This pins-per-player number can go up from there, depending on the number of tournaments the team will be attending during the season, the size of the tournament, and whether or not there will be a specified time set aside for pin trading at the venue. And be sure to order plenty of extra trading pins for parents, grandparents, relatives, schoolmates, and friends! The more trading pins you order, the lower your overall cost will be.

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