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Religious Lapel Pins

There’s no doubt that belonging to a religious group adds a great deal of meaning and purpose to life. The symbols and emblems that are an integral part of various religions are of great value to each participant and play a very important part in representing their faith and beliefs

With any religious group, regardless of its denomination, size, or geographic location, one of the greatest pleasures comes from being able to show your membership and support. Belonging is a life of communal, social events, where members of the faith gather in churches, synagogues, mosques, or temples to share in the benefit of friendship, trust, ceremony, and community.

Lapel pins for Churches and Religious organizations allow members to share a personal history and helps foster a sense of pride. Pins also serve as great thank you gifts for volunteers, such as ushers & greeters.  They are great way to gain more visibility in the general community as well, and may help increase membership.

The pins  featured in our galleries are a small example of custom lapel pins and logo pins we have made for different denominations and religious organizations. Your lapel pin will feature YOUR OWN LOGO and in any shape, size, and colors you want and will commemorate any group or special event within your church or organization.

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